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Cross-Sell More in Your Agency

It’s common knowledge that the more products a client buys from you, the stickier the relationship becomes, leading to an increase in your agency’s retention rate. And, it’s much more cost-effective than acquiring a brand new client. So why is it that many agencies lack a solid cross-selling strategy?

2021 Year in Review

A lot happened in 2021, and SIAA continues to succeed even as it evolves as the leading form of distribution in the independent insurance agency channel.

Always Be Advising

Insurance agencies that adapt and adopt a more modern approach to sales will set themselves apart from other options. Working towards an advisory role and establishing trust are key areas that independent agents can and should focus on.

Five different ways to generate revenue with SIAA

Joining SIAA puts your agency at a competitive advantage with national and local relationships with Strategic Partner Companies. Learn how SIAA Membership provides more opportunities for agency to earn income.

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